Our Team


Stefanie Veraghtert - Founder & Director

"I am a 31-year old social entrepreneur that has a passion for coffee and people. Diagnosed with cancer at the age of 26 I became a young adolescent cancer survivor."

"The last 5 years of my life were definitely the most challenging that pushed me to grow in ways I thought I could never grow. I embraced the glorious mess that I was and decided to make a big career shift. I launched my social brand - The Big C. - to inspire and empower with my story, determined to make a positive impact on individual and community level."

Jana Kegels – Antwerp C. Store Manager

Karin Lenaerts – Geel C. Store Manager

Glory Lena – Happiness Baristo

Brenda Beutels – Happiness Barista

"The Big C. means everything to me. It made me realize that I can still chase my dreams and achieve my goals, even with the limitations. That was a feeling that I lost for a long time. Now I feel strong and empowered."

Tuchila Kamps – Impact Community Builder

Lizzy Bax – Impact Business Developer

Ola Cembajew – International Community Builder

"The Big C. has given me a lot of positive energy, support and self-confidence to dream bigger and higher and not fall into self-pity after cancer."


Cynthia Van Spanje

"The Big C. is a warm community that gives me a sense of belonging and a lifelong connection with those who are going through the same rollercoaster as me. This is my support to stay positive and always look at the bright side of life."