Our story

The Big C. believes that after a radical life-changing event young people can be encouraged by a story to find their own resilience and get back on track. The Big C. connects, inspires and empowers young people affected by cancer or a chronical disease.
The Big C. is a start-up social enterprise with a new innovative way of experiencing coffee and social impact for people who have been affected by cancer or a chronical disease.   We believe that social and economic opportunities are necessary for people to develop themselves and their own community.
Stefanie, the founder, shares her story with the world to inspire others. She wants to be a role-model and together write a new more positive story about life after cancer. A story that is about empowerment, personal leadership, love and making dreams become reality again. 
The goal is to open coffee corners all over the world and to become a successful social brand with impact. With the coffee brand, the barista's on the road, and the coffee corners we will make impact beyond our dreams.

By ordering Coffee, investing in Corners, hiring our  barista's on the road you are contributing to the growth of the social enterprise. But more importantly you directly have an impact on young people affected by cancer and chronical disease.
Joining forces with FLAYA

The Big C. and FLAYA are united in their goals and actions. Every 3th Thursday of the month there is a ‘FLAYAklap’ taking place in the coffee corner in Antwerp for young people affected by cancer or a chronical disease. Together they are facilitating peer contact, sharing information online and offline and collaborate as advocates in the AYA patient advocacy.