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The Big C. Story is the journey of Stefanie. At the age of 26 she looked cancer straight in the eye as a young woman. This life-threatening experience caused a major turning point in her life.  After a rollercoaster, with many ups and downs she found strength in her vulnerability and went for her new passion in life: coffee and social entrepreneurship. After her cancer treatment she went to New York to get inspiration and bring  positive vibes back home. Once home she started making big plans, taking part of business bootcamps, social grow sessions, etc.. step by step the dream became a social enterprise impact businessplan. The dream was to open a coffee corner where people affected by cancer could meet...

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Before opening a coffee corner, we needed coffee beans. There are so many cancer charities that Stefanie was determined to develop a product that goes beyond profit. She believed in social entrepreneurship to give her seed the right resources to grow independently and strong. Together with her survivor sister they started the adventure of coffee cupping.

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The seed of The Big C. was planted by the founder, Stefanie in 2014. At the age of 26 years old she was diagnosed with cancer. After her battle and recovery she had one mail goal : make impact ! As a survivor she make a big promise to herself, her role was to empower, inspire and motivate her community for a better quality in life after cancer. After her treatment she felt that there was no place for her to go to get support in her search.   That's how the idea of a coffee corner was born...   

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